A wonderful day - A morning headache (Sun. Nov. 29th)

Not sure when this website will actually be up.  I'm hoping for Chanukah, and if that's the case, Happy Chanukah everyone!

We had two concerts yesterday, and the worship was beautiful.  We were at Shomair Yisrael in the morning, and The Vineyard in the evening.  Both times the set up and sound check went very smoothly, often we are vexed by what we call "gremlins" in the system, things that won't work and none of us can figure out why.  These things add stress, and waste time, but this time there were no problems.

At Shomair Yisrael there were several visitors with family for Thanksgiving, and a couple of new people who had decided to drop in that morning.  We always pray beforehand that the Lord will draw the people that He wants to minister to, and it's always so exciting when people approach us afterwards and say," I just got up this morning and decided to come and I'm so glad I did, because God spoke to me (or gave me a breakthrough, healing, etc.) through your music."  We had this sort of a testimony this morning.

At the Vineyard the praise team came up as we did some instrumental music for a time of prayer, and we spent more time in worship. They prayed for us and the Lord gave me a word through a person there that I had really been needing to hear, it gave me such comfort. After we packed up and hauled out we went as a family to Applebees and had a nice meal.  Then we went back to the hotel and got a good night's sleep.

This morning I woke up with a sinus headache from the dry air in the hotel room.  I splashed water on my face, and sprayed my face with Zia sea tonic rosewater and aloe toner.  It smells so good, I call it "Giving my face a drink", and it relieved the pain so I could lay back down to get some more rest.  That didn't last long!  In just a short time my sinuses started burning again, so I got up went through the routine again and went to see what the girls were up to.  They were relaxing and watching "Myth Busters" so I snuggled with Natanyah and watched them break a glass with a human voice, and try to turn a shop vac into a mini jet engine (that was a bust!)

It was a blessed weekend.  Now we're on our way to Florida for some beach camping (If you have to live full time in an RV you might as well park it somewhere beautiful!) to get some R & R.  Then we have a concert in Thomasville, GA before we go to spend Chanukah with family.