Changes, and Vacation ends with a Bang!

  Well you might have noticed if you've been to this blog page before, that there are fewer blogs! That’s because I felt it was confusing to have the Album up-dates and the “On The Road” stories and updates on the same page so I separated them. Sadly, by doing so I lost every ones comments. But I think you’ll agree that separating them was a good idea. I’m beginning to link pages together to make it faster and easier to maneuver around the site. For example, I’ve linked the picture of the album on the home page to the “Discography” page where people can listen to more of the music, and click links to order albums.
I’ve been very busy with the website this last few days! I’ve added two new pages as well, Under “Giving” there is now a page titled “Album Project”. It’s basically a store, where you can give a donation to help us raise the funds we need to finish the new album. Then there is the new page under “Blogs” called “New Album Updates”. This page will also feature each week or two, song lyrics of a song from the new album, with an explanation of how the song came to be written, and what it means to me (or Kerah).
Tour-wise, we have ended our vacation, and done our first concert in Long Island at Beth Emanuel in Holbrook, New York, and wow did we have adventures getting there!
We were driving from Philly, and our usual complaint about the highways in the northeast was our constant companion. We were bouncing down the highway in the RV. As Mark opines “We’re paying for this?” Next thing I new Mark was shouting for me to come up to the front, and he was holding the cabinet over his head. “Hold this up for me so I can find a place to pull over!” He shouted.
The left side of the cabinet that hangs just below the ceiling and over the driver’s seat had let loose from it’s moorings on his side and he was struggling to hold it up so that it would not fall down in front of the windshield, blocking his vision.
Natanyah and I road-surfed holding the heavy oak cabinet up and emptying it’s contents to lighten it, as he looked desperately for a spot to pull over. He found one (Blessed be the Lord) and we got safely over. “What in the world can we use to prop this thing up?” Mark asked searching our rolling ship from end to end. “How about the shower curtain rod?” I asked. “Yes, perfect!” Mark answered as I shook off the curtain and couple of items, which had been hung there to dry. Mark used the rod in the corner by his seat to prop up the cabinet and we continued our trip.
As we approached the George Washington Bridge the traffic came to a standstill. We crept along every few minutes and it was getting later and later! We were in constant contact with the Rabbi, and finally found out that Chelsae Clinton was getting married that day and that’s why the Saturday traffic was so bad. All together it took us seven hours to drive from Philly to Holbrook!
We rolled in at 8:00 pm and everyone was still there, waiting for us to arrive. Many hands carried in our gear and helped us to set-up, in record time. We began our concert at 9:00. It was Natanyah’s first time singing with us. It was our first time Playing without Kerah! It was a great blessing, everything went very well.