Book 2 Manuscript Finished, Recording Restarted

Shalom friends and family, 

We’ve been spending a blessed two weeks in Connecticut with our middle daughter Kerah, and her family here. We started our trip north with our first concert in over a year! I’ve continued doing my Sunday…

Grandkids Visit, A Surprise, We Serve an Awesome God!

A Visit From The Grandkids 

I pray you are all well and blessed! 

It has been a very different couple of months than what I had envisioned! I was tooling along, working on the book and making great progress, rehearsing…

June 28, 2017

Shalom Friends and Family, 


“We live in a fallen world.” It’s such a simple statement, and one that most of us agree with in principle, but I find myself always hoping for the best and becoming so grieved…

Jan-Feb 2017

Shalom Y’all, 

What a crazy time we’re living in! So many are so reactionary. It’s too easy to slip into reacting to others reactions and the ripple effect becomes a slap-back effect. 

Adonai has reminded me that I…


Illness, Summer Tour, Vision Refresh, Sept-Dec. 2016

Shalom friends and family! 

As we gallop towards the festival of Chanukah (Dedication), we are so grateful for Yeshua our Messiah, the light of the world. We want to dedicate ourselves afresh to the salvation of Israel, the salvation…

Summer Tour, The Well is In, New Video and Music

Shalom Friends and Family,  

I Pray that you all are blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Messiah Yeshua, and that you are growing and thriving in these crazy times.  

This newsletter is very special…

What Happened to Zemer Levav?

Why We Disappeared

I pray that your Chanukah was blessed! I always take it to heart as a time of reassessing my commitments, and dedicating myself afresh to living as God’s light in this world. For those who don’t

Hard Work!

We’re home, Bless the Lord! It’s so nice to have a place to call home.

 This tour was such a blessing, I love the ministry God has given us. When I sing I feel so full, so blessed, and when…


Andre' and Kerah ~ An Open Door

Shalom and blessings to you all. After asking, and receiving funds to fly to California to care for my mom, it feels strange to be asking for help again. However, a unique opportunity has arisen, and we want to give…