Andre' and Kerah ~ An Open Door

Shalom and blessings to you all. After asking, and receiving funds to fly to California to care for my mom, it feels strange to be asking for help again. However, a unique opportunity has arisen, and we want to give you a chance to share in this work.
Andre’ and Kerah are currently traveling in a ministry fleet, aboard the good ship Aleph Tav to Haiti. As the small fleet was preparing to set sail from the Keys, God opened an amazing door for them.
They were offered an abandoned motor sailboat for only 2,500.00. We are asking for help to raise $2,000 to purchase this sailboat for them! Yes, that is an unbelievable price, To put things in perspective; this particular make and model is currently selling for around $19,000.00, so this price is amazing!
As they were praying for confirmation on this purchase (with no available funds!) Someone gave them an auto-pilot unit, which is very expensive, and would enable them to pilot the boat as a couple, without additional crew! They would not be able to use the boat without such a unit, as someone experienced would have to be piloting at all times (with this unit an inexperienced person can babysit the unit while the pilot gets some much needed sleep.)
Having the boat will enable them to become a much more active part of Mishkan David's mission trips to Haiti. It would enable them to be part of a small fleet that is doing relief work and providing for a large orphanage there.
Owning a vessel would provide a home for Andre and Kerah while they take part in the Haiti missions, and will make a way for them to come back to the United States at will, and continue music ministry, both touring with Zemer Levav, and Kerah’s solo ministry.
Not only will this little yacht be a great blessing for them, but there are a few things on this vessel that are in better working condition than their mothership the Aleph Tav, such as a working refrigeration unit, and dependable main gas tanks.
Aside from taking some of the cargo to help split up the weight of the supplies the fleet is bringing to Haiti, the refrigeration unit will allow them store perishable produce for the other boats during this journey (or until the other units are replaced). Here is a link to a video of the boat and Kerah and Andre’ speaking of their vision for ministry:
Andre has prior sailing experience from excursions up to Florida from Haiti, and along the East coast from Rhode Island, to the Gulf Coast of Northern Florida.
They are now capable of operating and navigating the sailboat, and will have the support of the 3 other ships in their fleet
If everyone on our mailing list gives just two or three dollars, they will have what they need. All funds will be put towards purchasing this boat, or putting a down payment on it, at the very least.
The owner (80+ years old and ill) has been very flexible, and gracious enough to work with them to come to this price, as he really believes in the work they are doing in Haiti. Any extra funds will be used to purchase important equipment for the boat such as VHF or hand held radio, spot light, GPS or chart plotting device, a life raft, and plenty of other things they would otherwise have to slowly acquire on their own.
If you feel led, you can donate any sum to Kerah's Paypal here:
Every little bit will help!
And check out the ministry they're helping in Haiti:
If you cannot help financially, but still want to support in some way, we believe in the power of prayer, and would love to know that you're supporting Andre and Kerah in the Spirit!
Thank you for your help and support.

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