Emergency News Flash!

 Shalom All,

We need your prayer support right now. We are in Gainesville, FL and need to get to Utica, NY by Wed. night, to begin recording the new album Thurs. morning. The past three days almost everything that can go wrong has gone wrong, from illness to wrong turns we have been delayed, and held back. Then a huge bill we were not expecting has depleted our finances, at a time when we are trying very hard to raise funds for this new album. I'm afraid I didn't pass that final straw in this test with flying colors. I thought I was going to have my Uncle and his wife, and the producer/engineer and his family arriving in Utica and having nowhere to put them, as we don't pay for the cabins till we get there so that part of things wasn't pre-paid! Plus we had no funds for gas to get up there! Not only that, my phone disappeared for two days and I'm the only one who has the numbers to call everyone to let them know what's going on! "Disaster!" said my mind. I started having a panic attack (not fun). My family having mercy on my high strung temperment prayed for me and I calmed down. Things aren't quite that bad, we will be able to pay for the cabins, but we are borrowing money from Adrielle (one of our girls) for gas to get up there, till our funds from the last concert we played get deposited to our account (we have to mail them in). Nothing like living on the edge!

As a friend prayed for me over the phone, God reminded me of the new albums theme "Spiritual Warfare" and I had to smile. With songs like "Thus Sayeth The Lord" (I will make Jerusalem to be a drink, that sets the nations that surround her reeling...Zechariah 12) and L'David Mizmor from Ps. 110, also "O THat I Had Wings" and "Even There" from Ps 139. Everything for every aspect of spiritual battle from preparing the body for it, to healing the wounded! I don't think the enemy wants you all to have this album!

So please pray for us now! We need safety traveling, healing as three of us suddenly got sick,(Kerah just found my lost phone! Praise You Lord!) Angels to travel with us and protect us all the way up. Lastly, we need a financial miracle to bring us back up to snuff so that the wonderful people who are so good at what they do can be paid for doing it and feed their families!

Thank you so much for standing with us, we appreciate every one of you! ~Shimrit

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