Friday l November 28, 2008

Shalom Friends and Family,

Hope you have had a wonderful season of Thanksgiving!

We have good news. God has blessed us with a motor home to use. It's an American Eagle and it is 40 feet long and has one long slide-out in the main living area. We are extremely thankful. Praise God and rejoice with us! We now have enough space to rehearse our music! I will have Joseph post pictures on our web site soon.

We are home in Kansas and are looking forward to dedicating the motorhome, and afixing the Mezuzah with family and friends here. Liorah will be taking a one month leave of absence ending with the One Thing Conference at IHOP in Kansas City. Pray for her that the Lord renews her strength and vision, and draws her close to His heart as she seeks His Face.

What has this election meant for us? We are watching and praying fervantly. We did not stop post election but continue to pray every night.

That the Lord will have mercy on His people.
That He will raise up and send laborers into the harvest.
That His spirit will fall upon Obama and change his heart completely.
That His people would awake, arise, be strong, and courageous.
That we would put aside our petty differences, understand what is truely important, and do what is right.
That our husbands, fathers, Rabbis, Pastors and leaders will have wisdom and understanding to lead God's people in the way that they should go, in these uncertain times.
We pray for Sarah Palin, because we know that God is going to continue to use her.
We pray that God will use us in whatever way He will, to make a difference at this time in history.

We encourage you all to join us. We pray at 9:00 pm every night. It is not long, just 10 to 15 minutes. We set our phone alarms to ring and remind us.

We are here in Kansas for November, will be in Texas in December, and New Mexico for the first half of January. (We are open the second half of January.) We will be in California in February, though Kerah, Liorah, and I will fly to Pensylvania to lead worship at a women's retreat in the middle of the month.

We are praying and saving for a trip to Israel in March and April and have some great opportunities perculating there which we will share more about as they develop.

Any donations made at this time will go towards financing this trip. Please prayerfully consider donating monthly through May to help support us as we go, and to help us land and move forward when we return.

May the Lord bless and keep you, may he fill your life with good things.

~Shimrit Hanes and the rest of the Zemer Levavniks!

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