In Short

 Shalom All!

I pray that the Lord is blessing you abundantly. There is much that is very disturbing going on in our world today, but God's word encourages us to "Look up, for our redemption draws near!" It is easy to get overwhelmed, and become fearful, but God has shown me that He will take care of His people. We need to trust Him completely in order to have His perfect peace. He is your Abba, He's taking care of business. Rest and continue faithful in Him.

We are in New Mexico, getting ready for a photo shoot. Kerah just finished her own shoot yesterday. I can't wait to see the pictures!

We are really blessed by our new management company "New Hope Management". In the four weeks we have been on board, Michael has already booked several concerts for us. I have actually had time to work on new music. It has been great!

Kerah has her own page on the new site "Kerah's Corner". You will enjoy reading her blog, and seeing how God is directing her. We are trying to update weekly, and add to our blogs. So visit us periodically to see what's new.

We had a mailing list of almost 600, and when I sent out the last newsletter I asked people to click on the link and sign up for the new news list, I expected that there would only be a percentage of that list who would actually sign up. I was glad for this, as I felt that only people who really wanted to be on our mailing list would sign up. Please let everyone you know who enjoys our music and would be interested in knowing what's happening in our ministry, that they can sign up for our newsletter at our website. You can even forward this newsletter to help us get the news out.

We are making progress on what we will do for the new album. I have a blog on the website that goes into detail, so if you'd like to be in on the process you can get the "inside scoop" there. In short, we have a studio in upstate NY that we have scheduled for the last half of June. We have asked Leonardo Bella to help us engineer and produce the new album. His latest work includes the album "Meha Shamayim" as well as Roman and Alaina Wood's New album "Sounds of Prayer". He also engineered "Adonai" and "Elohim" for Galilee of the Nations.

We need prayer for help financing the new album. We have been brainstorming to come up with ways to raise the needed funds and have come up with several ideas, some of which include creating special downloads on the website. Anyone who wants to help out (every dollar helps!) can go to our website "Giving" page and make a donation.

We are so thankful for everything the Lord is doing in our lives and ministry. We'll be in Texas soon, so all you Texans check our calendar to see where we will be! The Lord Bless you with every spiritual blessing in Messiah Yeshua, ~Shimrit

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