Monday l February 1, 2010

Shalom Family and Friends,

The God of all Shalom Bless you all, as you serve Him with all your hearts.

I'm so excited to get this newsletter out! We have lots of news for you. God is an awesome God to be sure. I'd have exclamation marks after all these sentences but then this newsletter would look like Natanyah typed it! If you've seen her comments on Facebook you are laughing right now. You can see that I'm still in the plodding old format, but this is the last time! The new website is up now so please come and visit. It's at the same address and while you are there, please sign up for our new newsletter on our homepage. If you would like to be dropped from our list don't do anything and you will no longer receive our newsletter.

As Long as I Breathe in Spanish:
We have Five of the eleven songs from "As Long as I Breathe" in Spanish!
This is something I have been praying for, for a long time! I have had a desire to minister in Spanish speaking countries and have just continued to pray and wait. Two years ago we went to Honduras, and that is when we had almost half of the songs from the album translated. We were so blessed ministering there, and we have used the Spanish translations in several Spanish congregations, but it has always been uncomfortable singing in Spanish, and having albums only in English. I am very blessed that God has opened this door to us.

New Album in the Works:
This summer we will be working on our next album project. At this time I've been working hard trying to get our calendar filled up for the spring, and getting the web-site finished, so that I can spend time working on all the half finished new songs I've been jotting down when I'm supposed to be sleeping. Please be in prayer for us as we do the prep work for this album. Pray that God will guide the writing, arranging, and choice of instrumentation.

We also need financial backing for the project so please be in prayer for this also.

New Open Doors:
We just spent two months in Florida, and as we were ministering in different congregations we met a man from the Brazilian Agency and his wife. He asked if we had anyone booking or promoting us in Brazil, and that he would like to do so. He had several photos taken with his wife and us to use for promotion. He asked if we could come in December.

We also met a woman from Guatemala who asked if we could go there with our music. I recently heard from her sister by email and we will be booking concerts there when the Spanish album is released. Pray for the financial provision for this trip. If you feel led to participate in sending us. Go to our support page and click on the link there.

The Website:
I have been focusing on getting the new webpage up and running. I've had some good constructive criticism, and have changed things dramatically. I brought Aviad Cohen on board to rebuild the structure. It's been great working with him, and he's fast!

I have a few things that still need to be done, but it's up!

The Lord bless and keep you all in Messiah Yeshua,  ~Shimrit 

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