Our Record Time In Utica

 Shalom Friends and Family,

I'm keeping this newsletter simple, as I'm concerned that maybe we're being filtered out into junk mail folders because of the photos and formatting. Please be sure and mark us as "safe" in your email preferences.

I pray that the Lord is blessing you abundantly, that you are growing in wisdom and the knowledge of His grace. We have certainly been learning this past few weeks! I've spent time lately meditating on God's provision, His timing, and my own struggle with trusting Him with all my heart. In my heart and mind I know He will take care of me, and all that concerns me, but some part of me never seems to "get it!"

God did not provide in the way I expected, nor in the timing I felt we needed. Was He late? No, I don't think so, I forget to take into consideration that it's not my responsibility to take care of everyone. It's God's responsibility, and whether we have what we think we need, or believe that others need from us or not, He is working with everyone involved, and in everything involved. He will take care of everything in the right time, and in the right way.

We have gotten a good deal of about six songs recorded last week. All of these still need more things added, but we have a good foundation. A couple of those left are going to go down pretty easily, three others we need to work very hard on between now and September. They are songs that are either brand new, or we haven't touched them in years as we were focusing the songs from our other two albums for concerts.

I'm going to begin listing the songs that will be on the new album, and put up parts of the lyrics and notes on where they came from (how I came to write them) on the web site, so visit and look for it in the next week or so! I'll also share about some of what we did with them and how they developed in the studio.

The Lord bless and keep you all, ~Shimrit

P.S. I did put a song up and you can click here to read the lyrics, and how I wrote it. You can also hear the song (bare Bones) as we recorded it in Utica. We'll add harp, violin and other instruments in Tennessee.

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