Tuesday l October 28, 2008

Shalom Family and Friends,

We are in Knoxville, TN, and our motor home has given its last gasp getting us here! Mark got two mechanics to look at it and they agreed with his assessment. The repairs would cost more than it would cost to get a newer motorhome, and any repairs he could make would not increase its value so it would be throwing money away. It has a gas leak and is not safe to drive as it is, and it's only running on four of its eight cylinders.

So we are in prayer and fasting, and waiting on the Lord. Mark has been researching our options. We have had several donations come in towards a new RV or Bus. We don't yet have enough to really "go Shopping" so to speak, but we believe that God will answer, He has never let us down.

We have the Volvo with us, and if God's timeing is not now for our new RV or bus, we have the option of pulling the trailer with the Volvo. It was our first touring vehicle! It's not the most comfortable way to travel, and we'll have to pay for hotels between concerts, but we can do it for a short season.

Those of you who have us booked, don't worry, we will be there. Pray for us, and if the Lord leads, you can mail a check to the address below, earmarked "Motor Home fund".

Mika is working on calling congregations, pray for her also.

The Lord gave me Psalm 84 while we were at the conference in Cincinnatti, OH where we played for the brethren Friday and Saturday nights this past weekend. He spoke to both Mark and I that He is our dwelling place, and then confirmed it by the word of a Rabbi who saw a vision of a Chuppah over us when he prayed over us, and said that God spoke to his heart that He is our dwelling place. Our God is an awsome God, and everything is under control!

The Lord bless and keep you all,


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