Wednesday l October 4, 2009

Shalom All,

I can't believe it has been six months since our last newsletter in July of this year! We are all very well, through the ups and downs, the struggles and victories, God has blessed us and continues to bless as we seek His face in all we do.

We have had reports over the last six months of changed lives as people have gotten our CD and played it again and again. I know that God is working in all our hearts and preparing us for what is to come. I feel that soon we are going to have many opportunities to be a light in this world, and our faith will be exercised in new ways. Our concerts have been more and more focused on worship at God's throne.

We have been learning to give every area in our lives to God, to release our rights to Him. It is a struggle, as we have been so trained in this world to organize, order, plan, and work hard. Not that these things in and of themselves are bad, the scriptures speak of faithfulness and diligence, but we have to pray about everything, and let God move things into place. I've spent so much time in my life beating my head against a wall striving to get the calendar full making calls and sending emails out till i'm exhausted, and beating myself up when things don't seem to be working. Now we have just as many concerts as before, but I'm praying about every detail, and I'm not making as many calls, but my calls are getting more results and I have more time to spend with Natanyah for music and school. God needs to be in control of every detail.

We ended up with an unplanned 6 week break in the great northwest. At least it certainly wasn't my plan! I drove my self crazy trying to fill that calendar! I finally gave in and said God our time is Yours, all time is Yours, and since you have not allowed us to play anywhere except Vancouver (a wonderful festival, and outdoor concert) and Springfield(a small warm congregation where I taught dance as well) we'll just take a vacation! At that time we thought it was four weeks, but then we got a call that our Colorado concert cancelled, we had planned on taking Yom Kippur off, so that made it six weeks!

Mark called the office and found out that we had enough back-logged finances that we could make it for four weeks if we really squeaked (spent as close to nothing as possible). We had a National Parks pass, and Mark's research told us that these parks had no hook-ups, so they were very cheap to camp in with our RV. This wonderful RV has solar panels on the roof to charge the batteries, plus it was cooling off at the end of August into September up there, and we didn't have to run the air conditioner, so we got on very well. God had told me a month earlier when we were prospering that I was to purchase extra canned beans, rice, lentils, tomato sauce, pasta and all those easy to store dry foods. I told Mark what God had spoken to my heart and he said I should do it.

All we needed in that thin time were fresh fruits, vegies, and gas as we travelled. We stayed at Mt. St. Helens and learned about volcanic eruptions, ecological recovery, and glacial ecology. Then we visited my Uncle in Idaho and caught trout, cooked and ate them while we visited, laughed and shared music. Next we saw Craters of the Moon National Monument and learned more about volcanism, climbed a cinder cone volcano, learned about different kinds of lava, and hiked in a lava tube. Then it was on to Yellowstone. That was amazing! I can hardly begin to describe all that we saw and learned there! I have photos up on my facebook for those of you who are FBers. In short geysers, hot springs, boiling mud, stinky sulphurous lakes and ponds, several incredible waterfalls and lots of elk, bison, deer, and one wolf. Nope, we did not see a single bear, I was so glad! I'm going to skip the Colorado fish stories.

When we finally got to Texas for Sukkot we were so refreshed. It felt so good to be singing, and so right. We had some wonderful concerts, two in Dallas, one in Paragould, AR (look that one up!) then finished off Sukkot in Pensacola, FL. From there on out it has been pretty busy, and very blessed. We got to see Shalisha and Joseph with baby Rinah and the extended family we have in Gainesville, FL. Now we are in Tucker, GA and I'm preparing to sing in Spanish for a Friday night service!

That is the last six months incapsulated. We are heading to TN next week for a busy November and then we will head back to Florida for Chanukah with family. We have several concerts in Florida in December into January, and then we'll head north (burrrr) for a womens retreat. Kerah will lead worship there, and we'll visit Liorah. I'm in the process of booking in the Carolina's, Virginia, and Maryland on the way up and back, so if your congregation is along that route give me a call!

Kerah will send a short NewsFlash about her New York Stilettos run and walk for "Stop Child Trafficking Now". I'll tell you though that she came back hyped! You can go to youtube and type it in and see videos, one in which Kerah is actually interviewed!

Last but not least! (I'll try not wait six months between newsletters again!) Joseph and I are working on a new website! I'm really excited, as it pulls together several things that I need to do my job, all in one place. I'll send a Flash as soon as it's up so that you can go and sign up for our new newsletter that will include pictures, maybe some links and even music! Imagine that, music from musicians!

I hope that God has been blessing you all. That you are growing in grace and the knowledge of Him. That you have your eyes on the Prize, and are running the race with patience.

The Lord bless and keep you in Messiah,

Kerah fishing on the Snake river at twilight.

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