About The First Book

Wrenched awake by a nightmare, Antonia’s world collapses around her. Only twenty and newlywed, the devastation leaves her heart as bleak a prospect as the city where she’s built her life. The loss of her family, and her husband Pedro’s head injury, leave her isolated in an increasingly hostile world. Camping on the street with refugees and tormented by thoughts of what her family must have endured as they perished, another dream sweeps her away to a beautiful new world. 
In Nevada, Brian has isolated himself in the desert, and is soloing on a project that should be done with a team of six. Haunted by a beautiful dream, he searches the web at night and discovers he's not the only one. 
Nearby on Twin Peaks, Charlie Teng tries to hold his family together in the face of three tragedies, little realizing this last one will cause his path to cross a dreamer's, changing their lives forever. 

Shimrit Hanes’ debut novel transports the reader into an exciting, plausible world.  
Antonia’s journey to join The Dreamers and colonize a new world is fraught with dangers and tension. 
Hanes is a gifted storyteller who delivers realistic characters I care about and a world I want to explore. Looking forward to book 2. 
Terri Gillespie 

Terri is the award-winning author of Making Eye Contact with God, She Does Good Hair, and CUT IT OUT! www.authorterrigillespie.com 


All Things 'Terra Colony'

More About Book Two ~ Flight of the EsCargo 

Book one was so much fun, and so fulfilling to me. It was the book that launched an author, me! Now I'm working on book two of the Terra Colony Project series, and having as much fun with this one as I had with book one The Dreamers. 

I just finished chapter eight, and though it's been tough as my time is very limited and divided between my writing and other responsibilities. I have one day a week to write, Sunday, and sometimes I can grab time in the early mornings on weekdays. If I can hammer out two chapters a week, I should be able to get book two released by the first of October, which is my goal. 

Book two is called: The Flight of the EsCargo. A tongue in cheek reference to the fact that this last Colony ship in the Terra Colony Project's five, has the fewest colonists and more cargo than the first four, also that it is the last ship to leave Earth for Terra. 

In this part of the saga a college student from the highest social strata, a "Wealthie." Forms a group of troubled Wealthies, with a famous surgeon's daughter who's life is ruined when her father refuses to perform an elective abortion, and a couple of brilliant "Mids" (lower middle-class) students from his college to try the 'heist of the century'. They will perform a disappearing act, by stowing away on the EsCargo. 

They need to hack into both Frontier Space shipbuilders, and the TCP's databases, break into a protected warehouse, and figure out how to survive in crates in a cargo hold for long enough that sending them back will be impossible. Can this rag-tag group of college kids pull it off? They have to, once they've begun, there's no turning back!

Book Two the the Terra Colony Project Series 

I hate to admit it, but this past two months have been a struggle to make time to write! I want to be working on book two now, but I must have a webpage to list in the Book Club webpage I'm trying to list book one 'The Dreamers' on. Is that sad? No. It's just the life of an author which I am learning the ropes of as I go. I'm writing this blog for my Amazon Author page, which I'm working on to use as an Author web-page till I can get an actual web-page.

I was so excited to steal some time while sitting in the doctor's office on Tuesday, waiting for mom to be seen. I actually got one sentence written! Yes, over three different moments being shuffled from one place to another, I started a sentence, added to the sentence, it was clumsy, so I rewrote the sentence. I got home and started dinner for the family, then sat down while the things that take longer to cook cooked and wrote a whole paragraph! Whoot!

I kept at it between adding new things to my two burner stove and switching out the done food to the microwave to stay warm. Then I'd sit back down and write another paragraph.

After dinner it was time to get mom to her trailer and to bed. She doesn't need help with everything and I'd carried my laptop with me, so I wrote another couple of paragraphs finishing the scene. I even started scene two between spurts of care-giving. Soon mom was tucked in, clean and happy. We prayed together and then I carted my laptop back to our RV. I didn't want to stop, though I was tired and had a busy day planned with an early morning dentist appointment for mom. I set my laptop on the table and wrote scene two till one am.

Did you know, no, of course you didn't, ...I wrote my first book primarily on my iphone while we drove from here to there. We live in the country and most of the places we have to go are at least a half hour away. I got most of my writing done on long trips to visit our kids and grandkids and on plane trips. Am I passionate about my books and my writing? It amazes me the desire and passion I have for writing. Once I began my first book, I was on fire. I loved it, every minute of it.

So here I am with one published work and a start on the second. Did I ever have aspirations to write? No. Never did I dream of a writing career. I liked writing poetry as a child, which turned into songwriting. That was my only writing experience, except for creative writing assignments in school. I did enjoy those. They were the only homework I ever did. Hmmmm...