Busy, Busy, Busy!

 I wake up in the morning and before I even get out of bed I pray, and then check my texts and emails! Usually this leads to other businessy things, so I have to dicipline myself to stop and eat breakfast. This morning I decided that my jewelry project had lain around long enough, so I designed the frame you see above in the photos and began working on that, between helping Natanyah, and phone calls! I'm hoping to build this up enough to have another income stream, to help us when we are not touring. It's almost 5:00 pm now, and I can't believe it came so quickly! I'm not done with my project but I've made a good start. Once I get an idea moving it usually comes together pretty quickly.

I've been sitting too long (bad for my slow circulation) so I'm going to get up and try to do some active things for awhile! Then I'll probably try to finish my necklace and get it up on my Etsy Shop! I did booking work yesterday, and will do it again tomorrow. I'm trying to fill in some holes before I start booking for the fall/winter next week. At least I've been sleeping a bit better the last couple of nights. I get more accomplished when I can think straight!

We are planning on taking a Sabbatical from "full time" traveling next year. We aren't sure yet where on earth (and I mean that literally!) to settle. With two more Asia trips planned, we're wondering if it would be easier to settle on the other side of the globe! We are praying, and we'll see what happends this next trip. That will hopfully give us something to go on, a leading, one way or another. We are planning on continuing to produce new music during that time, as a matter of fact we hope to have a new album by the end of next year. I'm excited to have time to really work on my music again. It's been hard to be a good musician, when I have so little time to effecivly practice all my instruments!

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