"My heart is steadfast O God.
I will sing and make music with all my soul.
Awake, harp and lyre; I will awaken the dawn.
I will praise you, O Lord, among the nations;
I will sing of you among the peoples."
-Psalm 108:1-2


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Zemer Levav, pronounced (ZEM-er Leh-VAHV), are the Hebrew words Song of the Heart.

Mark and Shimrit produce a fresh and vibrant sound, blending ethnic and folk with both modern and ancient instruments. Shimrit writes songs of exhortation, worship, and praise, from scripture and from her heart. She plays harp and flutes. Mark adds percussion, guitar, saz, and oud.

Purchase Our Latest Album

Purchase Our Latest Album

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If you would like to help us release a new song every month, produce more music videos, and make it possible for Shimrit to finish her new book, become her Patron!

Shimrit works hard, putting in many hours with no paycheck, creating and developing new songs and writing her book series. We haven't released a new CD, not because she stopped writing new songs, but because we haven't had the funds to do so. Since we can no longer travel as we used to, it has become more difficult to raise funds.

You can help us by providing the funds needed to get the backlog of songs she's already written recorded, mixed, mastered, and released.

Support tiers start at two dollars a month, and you will have access to Patron only  content online and receive all new releases 1 week before anyone else.

The Patron only content (depending on the tier joined) includes:

  • A blog reporting her progress on new songs and her book
  • Monthly video reports and updates 
  • Videos of new songs in the rough
  • Chord sheets of some new songs
  • Sneak peaks of new projects
  • Chapters of her new book
  • and much more!

Kerah will be joining her soon and adding even more content!

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