About Zemer Levav

Zemer Levav is a Messianic worship ministry with a Sephardic/Middle-Eastern sound.  Our family is committed to obedience in lifting up worship, praise, and thanksgiving to the Lord. It is our desire to create with our worship, a Holy habitation for Him, then draw His people into it, and allow God to do His work.

Our presentation includes worship in music and Israeli-style worship dance. We encourage you to join us, using powerpoint to project the lyrics of our songs. The name of our group "Zemer Levav" is Hebrew and means "Song of The Heart". Mark plays guitar, percussion, and oud; Shimrit is on harp, flute and vocals; and Kerah plays guitar, lyre, and sings.

All our children (5 girls!) have been home schooled. Shalisha is happily married with 4 children, Adrielle finished college for her audio engineering certification and AA degree and is now married and living with her husband next door to us. Liorah graduated from her tech. college in Pennsylvania, and is working in medical research. Kerah (with her husband Andre) are in Georgia, she's Dania Greenberg's (Tree of Life BIble) Executive Assistant, and Natanyah is living and working in Pennsylvania.

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Praise the Lord, O my soul. I will praise the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.

Do not put your trust in princes, in mortal men who cannot save. When their spirit departs, they return to the ground; on that very day their plans come to nothing.

Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord his God, the Maker of heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in them - the Lord, who remains faithful forever.

Psalm 146:1-6
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Mark Hanes

Mark and his wife Shimrit have been in music ministry for over 25 years. Mark has run sound for UMJC conferences on the west coast, (when they lived in San Diego, and were members of "Kehilat Ariel" congregation) as well as for Marty Goetz, Joel  Chernoff, and Israel's Hope.

He usually teaches a Sound 101 Class at the MJAA national conference at Messiah College in Grantham, PA.

He plays oud, guitar, bass, djembe, dumbek, tubano, and other hand percussion instruments.

In addition, Mark builds musical instruments including hand percussion, drums, and harps (he built Shimrit's beautiful harp).

He also repairs everything that breaks, including keeping the RV up and running. We couldn't keep rolling without him!


Shimrit Hanes

Shimrit has been writing songs since she was in her teens. She taught herself to play guitar when she was 10 years old and played for many years, but dropped it after she and Mark were married, so that she could focus on her vocals. Later she taught herself to play the harp and flute.

She has also been choreographing Messianic dances for many years, (first for the dance group at Kehilat Ariel in San Diego, and later in Wichita, Kansas) Now she teaches dance whenever she has the opportunity. With five years of classical ballet training from ages eight to thirteen, then tap and jazz as an adult, her folk dance classes usually include dance "technique" as well as folk dance steps, and choreographed dances.

She plays the harp and flutes for the group, as well as singing lead vocals, and writing the majority of the music. She also home schools Natanyah. Her other four daughters have graduated.

"This is my Mom's modest bio. I could fill up about a page and a half about how amazing both my parents are, but I'm not sure they would appreciate that." -Kerah Hanes

Natanyah Hanes

Natanyah is all grown up now. She moved up to Philidelphia and is living with friends there. She's working at "Charlotte Russe" in a mall near her home, and is pursuing music.

Kerah and Andre' Oliveira

Kerah is very aptly named "Feast of Joy." She has always been a natural entertainer and has kept us laughing with her easy going and unpretentious interpretations of the world and people around her.

Along with Adrielle's love of acting, and Shalisha's sense of order and design, the girls have regaled us (particularly during the holidays) with skits, complete with sets and costumes.

Kerah's musical gift has been apparent since she sang her first harmony note at age three. She learned to whistle about the same time she learned to talk, and by age five had added vibrato and stops, and began to whistle complex melodies in minor keys, with accidentals.

She adds her voice to our harmonies, background vocals, and she writes some of our songs,  She sings lead on her own songs while Shimrit supports her with backup. She has begun to write so much music that she is now working on putting her own album together.

She and her husband Andre' have settled in Georgia where she is worship director and he a Rabbi's assistant. Kerah will continue to record with us, but she will not be traveling with us this year, as she has a year commitment there.

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Joseph and Shalisha Simpkins

We are so blessed to have such a great son-in-law. Joseph is always so kind and helpful, truly a cheerful giver, and a wonderful mate for our oldest daughter Shalisha. Their main job right now is producing and caring for our grand children, and they are doing a fantastic job!

Joseph helps me with our website and other computer related things. He and Shalisha pick up our mail for us while we are on the road and do mailing when it is needed.

They now live in North Carolina, and we enjoy traveling up to see them all for the holidays.

They have a wonderful ministry in dance, and this picture was taken at a "Promise Keepers" event in Colorado, where the dance team they were a part of when they lived in Florida, called "Unit-E", presented worship dance.