Book 2 Manuscript Finished!

The manuscript for book two, ‘Flight of the EsCargo’ is finished! 

I’m now working hard editing it. I decided to do the book in two parts, rather than have it as long as book one ‘The Dreamers’ (400+ pages!) and…


The Fine Line Between Science Fiction and Fantasy

Before we look at where one leaves off and the other begins, let’s define each of these terms.  

Oxford Dictionaries defines Sci-fi as:  

Fiction based on imagined future scientific or technological advances and major social or environmental changes, frequently portraying…


More About Book Two ~ Flight of the EsCargo

Book one was so much fun, and so fulfilling to me. It was the book that launched an author, me! Now I'm working on book two of the Terra Colony Project series, and having as much fun with this one…

Book Two the the Terra Colony Project Series

I hate to admit it, but this past two months have been a struggle to make time to write! I want to be working on book two now, but I must have a webpage to list in the Book Club…