"Zemer Levav is a distinctive music group that combines the beauty of traditional Jewish melodies with the spiritual power of Messiah Yeshua. The fact that the group is comprised of an entire family which grew up in our Messianic synagogue is a personal blessing for me. Their ministry is a blessing that I can highly recommend."
- Rabbi Barney Kasdan
Kehilat Ariel San Diego, CA

"Thanks again for playing at Central last Sunday. You guys get better and better! What comes next after AWESOME??! Thank you for your servant's heart of humility, your gentle spirits and your wonderful talents in music and ministry. It's no wonder both morning services gave you standing ovations!"
- Peter Abood
(Pastor of Worship and Fine Arts, "Central Christian Church" Wichita, KS)

"Over the last several years, our church congregation has been repeatedly blessed by the music and ministry of Zemer Levav. They always bring a worshipful spirit of joy when they come and we love having them at least once or twice a year. I myself have been moved to tears more than once by the anointed music and dance they present. Whether it be a New Year's Eve Celebration, a Sunday morning service or Mid-Week, they always enhance our gatherings and the men, women, boys and girls of our church love the Hanes Family very much. I know that any church or ministry group that brings them in will be very glad they did."
Gary Cowan, Senior Pastor
Calvary Chapel East
Albuquerque, NM

"Shalom, my dear brothers & sisters in God!

Sorry, my english is not good, but I like to tell you something. 

I like to tell you from the botttom of my heart: THANK YOU! Thank You for Your wonderfull music! I buy a CD some days ago and it's really a "honey" and blessing for my heart & soul! I have a tears in my eyes, when I listen your song. It's so, so, so, so beautifull! THANK YOU! Now I'm dreaming about one: possibility to listen your music live, on the concert! I'm dreaming especially about listen you live in Poland! I'v hope that some day you will arrive to Poland and playing for us your beautiful music!

Thank you once again and God bless you and your ministry!"
- Martin from Poland