I've decided to use a "Blog" format to make entries about stuff I'm doing and am interested in, and just thoughts I may have. My private life is really quite similar to many of yours, it's just a moving life, as in on wheels! So some stuff gets a little more complicated, and tricky! Like how on earth do you raise kids on the road! Natanyah barely remembers our old house! All the other girls were older when we started. She was 6 when we first started touring, and the last 7 years of her life have been full time gypsy life!

In some ways it's been like any family with a family business, where the children are raised in the back of the store, or restaurant, and learn early to mop floors, wait on customers, and help in many other ways. In some ways this life has been wonderful. All the girls have seen and been places other kids only read about in books. History and geography have been a breeze to teach as we traveled and home schooled. Other things have been harder, like not having your own space, not being able to see your friends when you want to. That's been hard for all of us (I miss my organic garden, and my friends!) But those same difficulties had a silver lining. We grew very close knit as a family, when there were problems we couldn't run away, we had to deal with them and work things out.

I'll continue with more as time allows. I hope you enjoy my meanderings!

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