Adventure of the "Mucky Muck" and Police

 Hi Everyone,
We’ve had another adventure. Here's the whole mucky story!
We got badly stuck in the mud on the other side of the building the night before. Three different trucks tried to pull us out, finally the third one succeeded. We have photos on my Shimrit Hanes FaceBook page. Kerah also sprained her ankle that evening as we were off-loading. One of the men in the cong. was supposed to come at 11:30 and help Mark repair the mud trenches that were caused by our wheels, but Mark waited till about 2:30 and the guy didn't show up. We had no shovel so Mark couldn't do anything without the proper tools.

He finally went to the Ace hardware across the street, and they did have what we needed, a camp/backpackers shovel that folded so that we could store it (we have no room for a full size shovel.) He was in the process of digging on the other side of the building when the police knocked on our door. It was a bit embarrassing, and took about two hours of Marks time that he needed to dig our leveling block out 3 feet of mud, and try to fill in the trenches with his little camping shovel!

We ended up with the whole police force (all 2 of them), a city inspector and God only knows who else, standing around looking at the mud, burnt rubber, and scratches on the sidewalk "inspecting the damage", and talking to Mark about the city ordinances he was breaking, and was he going to repair the damage he caused; as he was trying to work. Bless God for Mark's patience! I would've fed them some ripe angst! That's small town life for ya!

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