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A Local Concert and More Recording

This year we haven't done any concerts till now. I've been focused on my writing, as well as arranging and rehearsing for recording. The end of September we were asked to do a local concert here in Florida for a…

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Summer Tour of 2017 July - September

Alabama and Tennessee  

This tour was different than past tours, because we took the car with a trailer for our instruments and equipment. My poor car! But, bless Adonai, it held up great.  

We started off with a…

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What Happened in Nashville

  We had four concerts in this general area, in Nashville, Murfreesboro, and Franklin. They all went well, and as usual we met wonderful people, got to see old friends that live in the area, and had times of hard work…

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Please Pray With Us!

 Shalom All!
When we began planning the Japan trip, we knew that we had a very short time to raise the needed funds. We are not good at “fundraising”. We really don’t like asking for money, and feel that…Read more

Adventure of the "Mucky Muck" and Police

 Hi Everyone,
We’ve had another adventure. Here's the whole mucky story!
We got badly stuck in the mud on the other side of the building the night before. Three different trucks tried to pull us out, finally the third one…

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Full Speed Ahead and "Tight Spots"

 Hey there all! We are in Montgomery, AL taking a day to catch up on all things business, and part of that for me is updating our blogs. We had a great concert last night and considering how exhausted I…

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Changes, and Vacation ends with a Bang!

  Well you might have noticed if you've been to this blog page before, that there are fewer blogs! That’s because I felt it was confusing to have the Album up-dates and the “On The Road” stories and updates on the…Read more

Back in Florida!

 We're in Florida visiting Joseph, Shalisha and babies. They are so sweet! Rinah is almost two now and little Yossi is 3 months old. It is so good to see them. Shalisha is very tired, I hope that we can…

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New Mexico

 New Mexico is always a blessing! It was so nice to be warm for a change! We did do a concert in Durango, Colorado before coming down. We haven't played there in a long time. It was a new venue…

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