New Mexico

 New Mexico is always a blessing! It was so nice to be warm for a change! We did do a concert in Durango, Colorado before coming down. We haven't played there in a long time. It was a new venue, but we did see some old friends.

We stayed at the San Juan winery in New Mexico for a few days, It was amazing, beautiful, and the wines were marvelous! We bought two bottles which should last a good long time as we only drink it occasionally, and on Shabbat.  It is a family owned and operated business, and we had to meet some of them out in the vineyard to say goodbye. Check the albums below for pictures.

We played at a Son Broadcasting in Santa Fe in an hour televised special. Check back for videos, as we got a DVD before we left.

We also played at Adat Yeshua, Calvary Chapel East, and Olive Tree Fellowship in Albuquerque. Then we headed south for Calvary Chapel Ruidoso, and our photo shoot with Jeffery Worthington. Check back for new photos, as we will update the website soon with the new pics.

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