Monday l June 15, 2009

Shalom All!

We are headed cross country, stopping along the way to do concerts. The memorial service for Mark's dad was beautiful, the scenery in Colorado made a lovely backdrop as the minister read scripture. The whole service was scripture, which we really appreciated.

I have finally begun a personal facebook account. I have had friends and family members ask me to start one as a way for them to connect with us in a more visual way. With the Facebook interface on my Blackberry phone I can snap pics and immediately upload them to Facebook, so I can give a good taste of our life on the road, and up to the minute reports on what's happening. If you are on Facebook you can find me at my name, or using this email address.

We spent two weeks with Mark's mom in Las Vegas, and then a weekend in Colorado with family, which created two weekends off from our usual ministry. It has been good, and necessary, and a nice break from our normal schedule. However it has created one problem.

As we do every year, we are in concert and teaching classes at Messiah Conference. It gives Mark and I the opportunity to network with leaders and open new doors for ministry for us. The girls also minister by helping lead worship for the youth. I am on staff this year so I am compensated for my time, but the rest of the family pays for their registration. We find ourselves coming up short this year. Our home congregation is helping, but they can't afford to pay everyone's way. (Adrielle and Liorah are trying to go also)

If you feel led to help us all be able to attend together (I must be there) please send a donation (tax deductible) to the Brentwood, TN address below.

There is much going on in our Government right now and I encourage you to stay informed. We stand to lose much freedom in the next couple of years and we must call and email our representatives, sign petitions, and make our voices heard. It really does make a difference! The Lord bless and strengthen us all in His Love!

In Messiah Yeshua,


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