Wednesday l February 25, 2009

Shalom Everyone!

Greetings to all our friends and family. I pray that your life has been blessed, and that you are drawing nearer to God than ever before.

Since the Lord answered our prayers with a good, mechanically sound motor home, we have been continuing our travels and ministering throughout the USA. We have been to Churches and Messianic Congregations in Kansas, Texas and New Mexico. We have been in California this past month, except for a flight to Pennsylvania where we girls ministered in Praise and Worship at the Beth Zion Womens Retreat, it was very encouraging to have the opportunity to hear how God is working in the next generation. Their zeal and devotion to God as they move into ministry was exciting.

We are going to Israel this spring! This is something we have spent much time in prayer over. We will be leaving on March 4th and returning on April 29th. We will be going to hospitals with "Hands of Mercy" as we did last time, but also working with some other ministries in March including taking some classes at the "School of Ministry" at Carmel Assembly. The month of April we will slow down and spend some time working on new music and dance.

We are working hard getting all our loose ends tied up as we prepare to leave, and we have several prayer requests to that end!
We pray for a place to park the RV for March and April,
The funds to cover some aspects of the trip that have not yet been covered,
For God's leading in how to divide our time in the land, and
For divine appointments when we arrive, and during our stay.

Family growth and changes:
I have seen and heard all across the country, that God seems to be doing a real shaking up, cleansing and healing work in the body of Messiah. Much of this healing is happening within families. I see God binding families together, and then binding our congregational communities together. This does not happen without pain, and we've been experiencing this within our own family. Not only our immediate family, but also in our extended family.

God is so faithful, just, and good. He has been doing wonderful things in our lives and hearts.

Our family had been going through some hard changes, and I was concerned at times that we were going to come apart at the seams! God was purging us and doing a cleansing work in all of us. It began before the old motor home died. There were things boiling beneath the surface, and when we spent that three weeks being still before the Lord (between weekend concerts) fasting and praying for both the election and our situation with the RV, the fire was turned up even higher. We asked the Lord if we should stop traveling now. Was this the time to go our separate ways and do something else? We were totally open to whatever the Lord had for us. We knew that He would provide for, and direct us, whatever His will was.

He answered with the RV we now have, but that was not all. Liorah is taking a leave of absence. She is in Kansas City staying with the worship leaders at Or HaOlam. Her first month there she spent every night at the International House of Prayer from 10:00 pm till 6:00 am in intercessory prayer. We were blessed with the peace and sweetness that we felt from her as we communicated by phone. We also felt more firmness in her direction in the Lord, and she has gained greater perspective. So Zemer Levav is, for the time being, a trio! We pray that God will continue the good work that He has begun in our family.

Website update:
Please visit our website and see our new photos! They were taken by Jeffery Worthington, a young man we met in New Mexico. He is a pretty amazing young man! Besides his skill as a photographer, he is working on a holocaust documentary, which tells the stories of several survivors, stories that have never been told. He showed us a book that he and a friend put together to help them to raise funds for the project, and it was beautifully done. Pray for him and this work, we pray that God will clear all obstacles and bring the project to completion.

Please pray about partnering with us as we travel to Israel. There is info on our web site with links for online giving, or donations by mail.

A big thank you to our regular givers. You make it possible for us to travel abroad, and bring the music God has given us to other nations, as well as outreach here at home.

May the Lord Bless and Keep you, May He Bless you with every spiritual blessing in Messiah Yeshua,

~Shimrit and Family

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