"Even There" Trouble and Miracles

 We’ve had a pretty crazy two weeks! I got sick with the stomach flu and after being up all night sick, had a concert to do the following evening. God’s miraculous grace made me strong enough to do the entire concert (I was sure I’d only be able to do 1 or 2 songs). I went back to bed soon after feeling very ill.

We went to a campground to rest, but ended up recording, and doing last minute photo shoots for the cover art as we found out the art work from the album was not coming, and the last two songs that we thought were finished were not, as we were not happy with them. So I didn’t get much rest after all!

I am now finished with the last of the business to get our new CD duplicated. There was problem after problem getting the artwork done (through no fault of the artist) till, as a last insult, a tornado took out that artist's work! I had to get another artist on it just a week and a half before our deadline!

The artist in the tornado survived without injury in the basement, her artwork just literally got "blown away"! We miraculously got the new artwork done (thanks to our new artists sacrifice and diligence) and will be able to get the CD when we need to have it. It only changed the release date by two days, from July 3rd to July 6th so we're good!

The music you are hearing is from the new CD!
You can pre-order it now on Our Store page and you’ll be able to buy digital downloads soon!
If you would like to see the album artwork click here.

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