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Release Date? And Other Pertinent Stuff. 

 Well as many of you know we had to push our release date back a few days. Official date now is Wednesday July 6th here at Messiah College in Grantham, PA. We did this so that we could be sure and get the "first ones out of the box" to our givers! Right now I have large padded envelopes laid out in the living area of the apt. with signed photos, CDs, and letters on top of each one, waiting for Mark to sign them (the rest of us got it finished yesterday but he's slow, and I may find myself forging his…Read more

"Even There" Trouble and Miracles 

 We’ve had a pretty crazy two weeks! I got sick with the stomach flu and after being up all night sick, had a concert to do the following evening. God’s miraculous grace made me strong enough to do the entire concert (I was sure I’d only be able to do 1 or 2 songs). I went back to bed soon after feeling very ill.

We went to a campground to rest, but ended up recording, and doing last minute photo shoots for the cover art as we found out the art work from the album was not coming, and the last two songs…Read more

We Have a Release Date! 

 We are getting closer to a finished album! The title will be “Even There” from Psalm 139 as in, “…even there Your hand will lead me”. We are starting to get mixes from the studio to listen to, and give input. They are sounding amazing! We will be sharing a taste of these here on our website, so be sure to visit often to see what’s new.  Right now we have a sound sample of the song “Fall on Your Knees” up with a story of how the song came to be, and the lyrics. We’ll put up a song a week, from now until…Read more

The End is in Sight! 

It's about time I gave you an update on where we are at, and what’s been happening with the album project. There were a couple of songs that we didn’t feel were where we wanted them musically. They didn't feel "finished". We were to be in Asheville, NC which was three hours from Knoxville, so we called our producer and asked him if we could come and spend a couple of days working on these songs.

We had the usual warfare; a breakdown, and delays, but we persevered and are so glad that we did so. We now feel…Read more

Zemer Levav ~ Even There ~ Your hand will lead me 

This Album calls believers to prayer and spiritual warfare, as well as offering comfort, hope, and strength to those who are weak or wounded.

It will strengthen, exhort, and remind the believer, who they are in Messiah, how precious they are to God, and that God is going before us into every battle.

1.) L’David Mizmore A Psalm of David (Ps 110) - Oud , violin, percussion, mandola, mandolin, vocals, lyre, guitar
                                                                                       God…Read more

Finally moving forward again! 

 Shalom Friends and Family,
I pray that you are well, blessed, and hungering for God’s word and righteousness.

I wanted to give you another update on the album. It has been awhile and there really has been nothing to report until now. Leonardo will be starting the mixdown process this month. We’ll have usable tracks for two more of the songs soon, and will add them to our new set for our Spring tour beginning in March.

We are getting ready to head for the Carolinas. The weekend after next we will be in…Read more

The Waiting, the praying, the fundraising! 

It's been awhile since I've been able to add another post to this blog! We've spent the last three weeks with various family members in California and Nevada. In between concerts, that is! So it was too busy to get here to add anything else.

Right now we are waiting and praying. We have one song that I'm concerned about, that I want to build so that it has a high point and gets strong in the bridge, but the instrumentation just didn't come together for it in the studio. I wanted something specific and it…Read more

So What's Up? And How's the Album Going? 

 I will be posting news about our week recording in Utica over the next few days, so check back! We are recovering from all night Messiah Conference fun today and then visiting Liorah in Philly and dropping girls off in NYC. Natanyah is flying solo to Memphis to visit a close friend there, and then Mark and I are heading to Maine for a much needed 2 weeks of husband and wife time.

The Busy-ness Business! 

 Hey everyone, I've had such a busy week trying to get everything lined up for the first two weeks of recording! Got hotel rooms and cabins confirmed and my Uncle's flight booked. It feels very good to have that much out of the way. We're still trying to get all the music arranged the way we want it and once we get that squared away we can be somewhat flexible with them in the studio. You can't flex from nothing though so it's important to have a structure to begin with.

Les and Darcy Morrison are in…Read more

We begin "pre-recording" and get some new instruments! 

 Last week we did some rough recording to help us with arrangements of the music, and to hear how the instruments we choose to use on a particular song actually sound. We got at least parts of four songs recorded, and are really enjoying the process.

Mark was given a drum machine that uses only sampled drum sounds. Sampled sounds are actual recordings of real drums, so they sound natural, like you actually had someone playing them for you. This particular drum machine is from India, and so the rhythms can…Read more

Songs, songs, and more songs! 

  Now which ones should go on this project? This is the stage where we pull things out of our notebooks, cabinets, laptop, off the bedside table, and re-read, pray, rewrite, pray, jam to see how it feels, try different instruments, discuss our feelings about the song, share ideas... You get the picture!

We are trying to schedule our time between concerts. Monday is business day. We do all the paperwork, faxing, emailing, updating the calendar, phone calls for the next weeks venues, plan out our driving…Read more

Forward Progress! 

 We have had some changes to our ministry team! We now have a manager, Michael Lederer. His ministry is called "New Hope Management" and also manages our friend Ted Pearce. You can see his website at

We have spoken with Leanardo Bella, and he has agreed to help us on our album project. He worked on the Galilee of the Nations first two CDs Adonai, and Elohim, as well as producing Roman and his debut album Mehashamayim. Roman has since gotten married to the lovely Alaina, and they…Read more

The Go-ahead! 

 Had a talk with our Label about our desire to start a new project. On this one we will have more freedom to try some ideas that we have had, as we will record the tracks ourselves and then have them professionally mixed and mastered. Yochanan Ben Yehudah will provide feedback and guidance throughout, and we already discussed some of our ideas for theme, and some of the material. I have concepts for several new songs, plus we have some that for one reason or another didn't make it on the first Galilee of…Read more

About how two of our songs happened in the Studio, and Thank You Gifts for donating to this project! 

 Hey everyone! I need to share what happened in the studio in Utica from my perspective before it all fades away!

Time in the studio has always been a bit nerve wracking for me. I want the music to be perfect. It’s a gift to the Lord, and for His praise, as well as a gift to the body of Messiah straight from our hearts, so it’s really important to me that the music is beautiful. That’s a lot to have on your head when you step in front of a mic. That said, working with Leonardo and Steve was fantastic. They…Read more