Release Date? And Other Pertinent Stuff.

 Well as many of you know we had to push our release date back a few days. Official date now is Wednesday July 6th here at Messiah College in Grantham, PA. We did this so that we could be sure and get the "first ones out of the box" to our givers! Right now I have large padded envelopes laid out in the living area of the apt. with signed photos, CDs, and letters on top of each one, waiting for Mark to sign them (the rest of us got it finished yesterday but he's slow, and I may find myself forging his signature so I can get these out the door! Does anyone mind?) Tomorrow I will have them out on the "New Hope Management" table in the Cultural Center (ie market place).

Our contingent in Florida actually saw it first, as our shipment got to the college before we did. Shalisha (my eldest daughter) called me right away. She and her husband Joseph, Shaun (who did the incredible artwork) and Sarah who will be shipping our internet orders were all together at her house celebrating, they were so excited with how they came out! They are beautiful! I've been keeping one in my purse and showing it to specific people to get there reaction, and everyone who sees the front cover art really loves the story that the picture tells. It feels so good to hold it in my hands at last! And soon this blog will fade away, like morning mist on a sunny day.  ~Shimrit

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