The Busy-ness Business!

 Hey everyone, I've had such a busy week trying to get everything lined up for the first two weeks of recording! Got hotel rooms and cabins confirmed and my Uncle's flight booked. It feels very good to have that much out of the way. We're still trying to get all the music arranged the way we want it and once we get that squared away we can be somewhat flexible with them in the studio. You can't flex from nothing though so it's important to have a structure to begin with.

Les and Darcy Morrison are in Oklahoma, so we're going to wait until the Nashville week of recording to add his parts to the mix. that way they can drive out and we don't have to pay for another flight. That gets expensive!

We've used up most of our 2,000 dollars that came in with the first wave of donations for this project. We have more that we know will be coming in that will cover the Bella's traveling expenses and at least part of the production costs, so we are praying for another "wave of blessing" to cover the rest, plus post production and studio costs. We are so thankful for all those who gave in that first wave of donations, so if you are among those, God bless you! We're going to get this done!

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