The Waiting, the praying, the fundraising!

It's been awhile since I've been able to add another post to this blog! We've spent the last three weeks with various family members in California and Nevada. In between concerts, that is! So it was too busy to get here to add anything else.

Right now we are waiting and praying. We have one song that I'm concerned about, that I want to build so that it has a high point and gets strong in the bridge, but the instrumentation just didn't come together for it in the studio. I wanted something specific and it just didn't happen. So at some point we may have to find some time to go back to Tennessee, or find a quiet place to lay down some tracks that Leonardo can use and build on. Now is when we realize the things we didn't do that we wanted, like more oud on L'David Mizmor, and a few other omissions.

I think back and wonder if we really did get a good enough recording of the pianos and vocal on "Fall on Your Knees" and what we are going to do if we didn't. Not really worried, just wondering, because I know that the majority of what we did was exceptional and will be excellent, but you want to get as close to perfection as humanly possible without it sounding like "canned music" or "fake musicians". There's such a balancing act in this industry.

Then there's the continuing push to raise the funds to complete the project. The desire to get the wonderful servants who have been such a blessing paid for their service. the work of getting the promised "gifts" finished, and sent to those who have already given. We are definitely making progress on that! I got the art photo posters done last week and they are beautiful! I can't wait to get them printed! The ZL earrings are beautiful! The difficulty has been the recording of the ringtones and making of the video. My computer has something wrong with it and Garage band isn't working at all anymore. I need to take it in, but we've been so busy lately I haven't had time to even look up an apple store in the area, and we haven't been in any area long enough. I'm hoping I can get it fixed in Florida.

We are in prayer right now over all these things. Praying for Leonardo that God will anoint him as he mixes down the track of each song, that the Holy Spirit will fill each note played and sung, and direct every movement of every song. That God will help us to get my lap top fixed so that we can record. That the few songs that need more instrumentation, that God will provide the way for us to get tracks laid down. And that the Lord will continue to bring in the funds we need to finish what we have started.

The Lord Bless and keep you all,  ~Shimrit

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