One Phone Call...

 Shalom Family and Friends,

It is amazing how one phone call can turn your life upside down!

I am in Boulder City, NV with Mark’s mom, and the rest of the band/family, is in North Carolina! Mom ended up in the hospital emergency room and was in the ICU for three days. They found a mass in her brain, and Mark and I were asked how soon we could get there. The world began tilting in an unnerving way, as our “year” of touring with Andre’ and Kerah came to a halt and we began thinking how we should proceed.

We decided that I should fly out to be with mom, so that the cousin that had flown down from Seattle could get back to her family, and Mark would attempt to cram two months worth of repairs and remodeling on Andre’ and Kerah’s trailer into two weeks, and Kerah and Andre’ will finish up remainder of the tour, without us.

I am so thankful to God for the way he orchestrated the “changing of the guard” with the other members of Mark’s family. Mark’s Uncle and Aunt were able to get here while Mom was still in the hospital, and so, were able to get all the needed instructions, and information to pass on to me, overlapping their daughter’s time there. They are able to stay and help me to get a grasp on everything I need to know, so that I wouldn’t be “flying blind” in this very confusing medical situation. God is so good.

Mom is doing very well. She has times of confusion and mild headaches, but she’s in very good spirits and I’ve been having a wonderful time with her. She has to have someone with her all the time, and right now that’s fine because her brother, his wife and I are able to give each other time off. It will get more difficult when they leave, and Mark won’t be able to be here till at least a week later, possibly longer.

The RV has a problem with overheating every time he drives up a grade, and he has to stop frequently to allow it to cool off. This will be a problem as he and Natanyah drive across the country, and will slow them down considerably. He will try to get it repaired before they attempt to drive so far.

I’m very blessed that there is a Messianic Congregation in Las Vegas about 45 minutes away. That’s not close, but it’s doable, and everyone there is praying for us. When Mark gets here we can trade off, as they have both a Friday night and Saturday morning service.
There is also a small Calvary Chapel right behind Mom’s apartment complex, and she and I are able to walk there together. She doesn’t like to go far if she doesn’t have to, and it is good to be close enough to home that we can get back quickly if she is not feeling well.

So, you might be asking, “Is this the end of Zemer Levav?” I don’t believe so. Mark and I have several projects that kept getting shoved to the proverbial “back burner” because of time constraints, space, and the busyness of being full time on the road.

Two weeks later:

Things have calmed down wonderfully at this point and I feel like I'm just now coming up for air!

We have Mom enrolled in home hospice care, and Mark and Natanyah will be heading to Boulder City next week. Mom has a brain tumor. Right now she appears perfectly healthy, but the doctors have revoked her driving privileges because her vision is being affected, and they are concerned that as (I say "if") it grows, she may have seizures. She is very lucid most of the time mixed with moments of confusion.

I have us both on an eighty percent raw foods diet, and have incorporated as many foods that are known cancer fighters as possible. We are both feeling much better! We are having a really nice time together. I do all the food prep. and cooking, and most of the cleaning. Mom likes to feel useful so she does the dishes in the evening.

Mark, Natanyah and I have to be at Adrielle's wedding in the fall, and then we have a three week tour in Texas and New Mexico afterwards. Mark's Uncle and Aunt will come and stay with her till we get back.

After that we will just do concerts in the area if we can find someone to stay with her for from 6 hours to two days one or maybe two weekends a month. Hopefully and prayerfully, that will bring in enough funds to keep our bills paid!

We are planning on using the down time to get those Spanish translation CDs finished, and create a new CD. So Zemer Levav is not kaput! We will continue to create music (we can hardly help it!) and just travel on a much more limited basis.

I’ll keep the newsletters coming out to let you know how our projects are going, and give you sneak peeks of the new material that we create.

Our prayer needs are:
• Healing for Mark’s Mom, Dee Hanes
• Safety for Mark and Natanyah on their long journey to Nevada
• Confidence, guidance, and anointing for Kerah and Andre’ as they finish our tour
• Mechanical soundness for the RV!
• That Mark would be able to find occasional “handyman” jobs to supplement our income
• That more people would order custom jewelry from me
• For the Lord to pour new songs into us and strengthen us for the tasks ahead
• That God will provide all our needs for Adrielle and Baruch’s wedding September 29th

Thank you so much for your prayers. We especially thank those who have continued faithfully in monthly gifts to our ministry. You have enabled us to continue to move forward through many trials and rough times, and this time will be no exception. Thank you all, and thanks to our Lord God for His abundant mercies and blessings through all the chapters of our lives.

Love in Yeshua from us all, ~Shimrit, Mark, Natanyah, Kerah, and Andre’

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