What Happened in Nashville

  We had four concerts in this general area, in Nashville, Murfreesboro, and Franklin. They all went well, and as usual we met wonderful people, got to see old friends that live in the area, and had times of hard work interspursed with relax and chill time. It's been so nice to have Andre' helping with set-up and sound check. Things go so much faster!

One new thing happened here, and it's something I'm fairly excited about. We finally made a music video! It was Andre's first one, and we think he did an amazing job! It was a learning experience for all of us, and he has gained much knowledge from the experience that will help him on future projects. We'd like to make two more before he and Kerah leave us.

Yes, they are leaving in October, and it's hard to even imagine the group without Kerah! Natanyah is coming up beautifully though and I've been working with her vocally and musically. She has her own style and her voice blends beautifully with mine and vice versa. I'm enjoying working with her, she is very open to learning new things, and I am excited watching her grow and come into her own.

Enjoy the new music video on our video page, or go to youtube and view it full screen, and my first blog post on my new blog Shimrit's Stuff.

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