Forward Progress!

 We have had some changes to our ministry team! We now have a manager, Michael Lederer. His ministry is called "New Hope Management" and also manages our friend Ted Pearce. You can see his website at

We have spoken with Leanardo Bella, and he has agreed to help us on our album project. He worked on the Galilee of the Nations first two CDs Adonai, and Elohim, as well as producing Roman and his debut album Mehashamayim. Roman has since gotten married to the lovely Alaina, and they now have their own album out which Leanardo also produced. His work is very organic, which is something we desire for our new project. We spent three days in the Nashville area meeting with him and adding some background vocals, flute, percussion and harp to a project he was working on at the time. We had a blast in the studio with him. Now we are trying to "record as we travel" to get down some musical outlines of some of the songs we would like on the new project. this gives us a chance to listen to our arrangements, decide on instrumentation, try out new ideas, and generally get a good feeling for where we are going with each piece so we don't waste time in the studio.

Please pray for us as recording while we are on the road is very difficult.

We have also found a great place to do our recording in upstate NY. Finding a producer/engineer and a studio that are both willing to work with us on easy terms is a big deal! Praise God for His answer to our prayers.

Pray for financial covering as we do need to come up with a large amount of money for all this. Everyone has bills to pay, and needs to feed their families.

We are also looking forward to having Les Morrison with us on this project, Hooray! We've missed working with him, and are looking forward to his input on several of the songs. I am still trying to get ahold of my Uncle Russ, who did the incredible percussion on Wings of the Wind, Yeshua is the Light, and Doorkeeper. We certainly want him on this project, as we have several Latin flavored songs on this project too!

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