Songs, songs, and more songs!

  Now which ones should go on this project? This is the stage where we pull things out of our notebooks, cabinets, laptop, off the bedside table, and re-read, pray, rewrite, pray, jam to see how it feels, try different instruments, discuss our feelings about the song, share ideas... You get the picture!

We are trying to schedule our time between concerts. Monday is business day. We do all the paperwork, faxing, emailing, updating the calendar, phone calls for the next weeks venues, plan out our driving schedule, mail our paperwork in and if we have time, get some grocery shopping done for the week. That's a busy day! If we can get it all done on Monday, then on Tuesday we have a "jam day" that is a day to play through new songs and try to figure out how to get them off the paper, and into dynamic, interesting, focused live music. This will also help us to get a feeling for what we will need when we record them. I'm also helping Natanyah with school as she needs it both days.

Sometimes we have concerts scheduled on Wednesdays, if so the day time is mainly spent on getting ready (doing dishes, unhooking the RV, making sure everything is put away and tied down) then driving to the venue, and Natanyah's schooling. If there is no concert scheduled, we finish any unfinished business, do laundry, work on music we got started on the day before and didn't finish etc.

Thursdays we are either doing more of the same, or preparing for and driving to a Friday night venue. Weekends are usually very busy. If we have any mechanical problems everything changes, and we just try to get everything done when and as we can!

So most of the creative time we have is on Tuesdays - Thursdays in the afternoon and evenings, depending on our concert schedule!

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