The Go-ahead!

 Had a talk with our Label about our desire to start a new project. On this one we will have more freedom to try some ideas that we have had, as we will record the tracks ourselves and then have them professionally mixed and mastered. Yochanan Ben Yehudah will provide feedback and guidance throughout, and we already discussed some of our ideas for theme, and some of the material. I have concepts for several new songs, plus we have some that for one reason or another didn't make it on the first Galilee of the Nations album we did, that I want to re-work for this project.

Stay tuned and I'll take you through the process with me, as Kerah, Mark, Adrielle, and I write, arrange, re-arrange, and lay down tracks for this new album!

Also, we discussed using the tracks from "As Long as I Breathe" and do the lyrics over in Spanish. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time. We have Doorkeeper, Mayim Chayim, Lead Me, Wings of the Wind, and Yeshua is the Light already translated! We just need to get 6 more done and we can do the whole album in Spanish! WooHoo!

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