Please Pray With Us!

 Shalom All!
When we began planning the Japan trip, we knew that we had a very short time to raise the needed funds. We are not good at “fundraising”. We really don’t like asking for money, and feel that it’s up to the Lord to move where He will and bring in the funds. We had a pressing need for new tires on the RV, and still owed our producer/recording engineer 4,000 dollars for his work on the new album, so we felt that it wasn’t right to go anywhere with funds that should be used to keep us safe and rolling (tires) or paying our debts.

We decided that if God wanted us to go, that He would provide enough to get tires, pay our producer, and to pay airfare and ground costs for the trip. Miraculously, within a week of our prayer, someone gave a gift specifically for the tires 2,000 dollars! Then we had a really good weekend and sold so many CDs that we had 1,000 dollars to begin getting the producer paid. We were very encouraged and so I let people know through all our media channels that we were going to Japan! We began preparing as though we were going to go, and communicated with the team leader exactly what was happening.

Other amazing things have happened. We thought that it would be a good thing to go to South Korea while we were so close. We have a real love for that country as every time we go to Israel we see a group of Korean young people on Ben Yehuda Street singing praises to God! I shared our desire in Oklahoma City at Kehilat Rosh Pina, and a youth group leader from a church in South Korea just happened to be there visiting a friend! She has connections to several pastors and is now putting together concerts for us there! Every time we have doubted, God has done something to encourage us.

Now, we have new tires and by tomorrow will have our producer paid. God has brought in all but the last 1,800 dollars. We need to buy our tickets this week. After all the miraculous things He has done we know that God will come through. Please pray with us for anything that may be holding back the last bit, whether there is something we have missed or neglected, or the adversary is binding something up somewhere.

Thank you so much! We will write to you from Asia! ~Shimrit

P.S. If you would like to have a share in this adventure, you can give a gift on our "Giving" page.